Main Architecture and design Akhmat Tower: Incarnating Traditions of Vainakh Architecture

Akhmat Tower: Incarnating Traditions of Vainakh Architecture

Akhmat Tower: Incarnating Traditions of Vainakh Architecture

In downtown Grozny on the right bank of the Sunzha River is in full swing the construction of a megascale project. Akhmat Tower is a multi-functional high-rise complex named in honour of the first President of the Chechen Republic, the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov. The MFC Akhmat Tower is being implemented by SMART BUILDING, LLC and involves world-class companies experienced in construction of supertall buildings. The 435 m high tower will be the largest development project in Chechnya and one of the tallest buildings in Russia and Europe. Akhmat Tower will be built in a high seismicity zone, but this fact is not an impediment for the construction, but quite the contrary - a kind of a challenge. The architects and project engineers successfully coped with it by developing unique structural, technological and design solutions.  

The proportions and silhouette of Akhmat Tower represent a generalized character of medieval Vainakh (Chechen) architecture. The architectural concept was inspired by the image of XII–XVI century Chechen patrimonial towers, which prototype is embodied in the shape of the building and scalloped articulation of its façade designed to resemble typical ancient stonework. Being an embodiment of modernity, progress and advanced technologies, Akhmat Tower at the same time pays tribute to the time-honoured cultural traditions and the history of the Chechen people. 
An idea of creating a new public space in Grozny with a significant skyscraper as a city landmark and the symbol of new Chechnya belongs to Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic. The initial goal set before the architects was to create a concept reflecting historical traditions of Vainakh tower architecture and at the same time representing an ultramodern functional structure designed enlisting the aid of state-of-the-art architectural and engineering achievements. All these requirements were fully met in the project developed by the world famous architect Adrian Smith, the founder of renowned American company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

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strelka Text: Svetlana Sokolova, Viktor Melnikov
Materials provided by SMART BUILDING, LLC; Kevorg Tutudzhanyan