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BIM: News for Designer

Today, the development of information modeling technology (BIM) in Russia is at a stage that can be characterized as active implementation in the construction industry. The main driver of technology penetration in the first half of 2017 was a number of legislative initiatives. For example, according to the document of the Ministry of Communications, until 2022 all the state-owned companies and companies with state participation must necessarily use BIM-technologies in construction. Prospects for forthcoming adoption of GOST R 57311-2016, which concerns BIM modeling in construction, were also voiced in the Ministry of Construction. Thus, stimulating the process from above along with natural technological development generates an increase in demand for technology and the supply of tools for its implementation.

The most used programs for designing amongst the BIM software are Autodesk products. Thiey are Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Navisworks, as well as a number of other products and services of the American vendor, which allows creating a project and working documentation, perform the necessary calculations and analyzes, visualize models and coordinate systems.

Despite the extensive functionality that Revit offers to the designer, often atypical tasks occur in the course of work, which are difficult or impossible to solve with the standard software. The way out of the situation is to develop software add-ins to Revit, starting from the simplest macros and ending with full plug-ins and applications working directly from the program interface.

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