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Cruising in Mumbai

Cruising in Mumbai
Designed by ARK Reza Kabul Architects, The South Bay in Mumbai, India resembles the form of a luxurious cruise ship ready to set sail. The contemporary design of the 70 metre tall structure comes as an organic response to its surroundings. The structure features a lobby, parking, 17 residential units and a sky lounge. The roads around the structure depict the waves, with the enormous double heighted lobby forming the hull of the structure. The large double heighted archways offer a welcoming sensation. 
The podium enveloped in perforated zinc sheets offers natural light and ventilation. On the inside, it hosts two parking towers with a height of 18 metres that collectively hosts a total of 35 vehicles.
The gymnasium level is flanked by landscaped and vertical gardens that create a refreshing environment and add to the relaxing feeling. The four and five BHK duplex residences form the superstructure of the ship, with their floor to ceiling windows offering a mesmerising and picturesque view of the sea. Each of the 17 habitable levels above the podium offers a mesmerising and picturesque view of the sea. The structures design makes maximum use of the natural landscape with its large French windows. The facade of the structure is clad is Modified Clay Materials (MCM) that are long lasting and maintenance free.
The exterior services duct is covered in an aluminium grill that accentuates the beige colour of MCM. Higher up the landscaped sky lounge forms the main deck of the cruise ship, making it an ideal space to enjoy the view of the prime location, and to have the perfect soiree. The water tank and lift machinery are enveloped in perforated zinc sheet, creating a tiered appearance resembling that of the bridge of the ship.
ARK Reza Kabul Architects