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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) won an international competition to design the master plan and multiple buildings for EXPO-2017. The spherical-shaped Kazakhstan Pavilion and Science Museum was developed as a way to accomplish the client’s goals of a spherical-shaped building, while enabling AS+GG to push the design forward to meet the firm’s programmatic and sustainability goals.

The Kazakhstan Pavilion and Science Museum is the iconic, high-performing centerpiece of EXPO-2017, the site of this year’s international exposition, which runs from June 10-September 10. Inspired by the EXPO-2017 theme, “Future Energy,” the Kazakhstan Pavilion and Science Museum embodies a futuristic design that is optimized to incorporate sustainable philosophies.

Located south of Bayterek Tower and east of Nazarbayev University, the Kazakhstan Pavilion and Science Museum is the centerpiece of EXPO-2017 and is positioned to become a significant new landmark for Astana. The theme of the expo that surrounds it, “Future Energy,” reflects a broader community interest with the problem of energy consumption, which is having an increasingly negative impact on our planet. The main objective of the exposition was to engage people in a call for responsibility, one that fosters a discussion and works to develop a knowledge that will enable people to plan and control energy consumption on our planet and to minimize damage to the environment. The sphere consists of 8 themed layers and its gross floor area is about 5000 m2.

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