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A NZD$300 million (USD$ 209 million) luxury residential skyscraper by developer Hengyi Pacific is planned for downtown Auckland. Boasting 57 stories and 178 meters of height, the building could become New Zealand’s highest residential tower when completed, developers say. A laneway known as “Pacific Lane” will run between Commerce, Fort, and Gore streets. Plus Architecture’s leading architect, Jaimin Atkins, said the building’s glass façade was designed to reflect the surrounding city and waterfront, and the Maori Pikorua motif of two intertwined pikopiko ferns was meant to be represented in the “twist” pattern on the building’s exterior. Some of the 295 apartments within the building will offer views out to Great Barrier Island, Atkins said.

Apartments above the 21st floor will include enclosed winter gardens, while some lower-level apartments will feature balconies. The bottom levels will feature a 35-suite boutique hotel, a high-end restaurant, and café. 

The building plans include amenities like a lap pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gym and yoga studio, residents’ lounge, library, and barbecue terrace.

Construction is expected to begin at The Pacifica by the end of 2017 and finish by September 2020.

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