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The Magnificent Age

The Magnificent Age

The fast drawing 2020 was announced as the expected project completion date for many unique and intricate objects. The new tallest building in the world, the first wooden structure that has broken the 100-meter record, the construction of entire blocks consisting exclusively of megastructures – all these should soon appear and become new wonders of the world. On the threshold of a new decade, it is possible to look back and remind that many of the existing skyscrapers that serve as the backdrop of the modern world were once considered innovative and unrivaled in the world. Some of them still are. 

The 1970s Twin Towers (World Trade Center)

Undoubtedly, the World Trade Center towers are primarily known to a wide public in connection with the tragic event that took place on September 11, 2001. All seven buildings of the complex were destroyed as a result of the terrorist attack. Two towers, the North and South, fell down due to aircraft attacks and fires, the building of WTC-7 was not attacked, but it was damaged by the WTC-1 and WTC-2 wreckage like the Marriott hotel. The other three buildings were damaged to such an extent that they were considered unsuitable for restoration and later demolished. The collapse of WTC-2 also caused irreparable damage to the 40-story Deutsche Bank building that also had to be demolished.

However, the Twin Towers were an example of iconic architecture before the complex was destroyed. Despite the restrained beauty of the strict lines of the business center architectural complex, two high-rise landmarks appeared on almost every photo of the city, and their height incredible for that time (the North tower was 417 m, or 526.3 m taking into account the antenna installed on the roof, and the South tower was 415 m) was admired all over the world. The project was completed in 1973 by American architect Minoru Yamasaki.

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