Main News The Tower of the Sun in Kazakhstan

The Tower of the Sun in Kazakhstan

The Tower of the Sun in Kazakhstan

Taking inspiration from the country’s flag, Fundamental Architects and Omega Render are proposing a futuristic new building in Kazakhstan. Spanning the width of the Ishim River in Astana, the building’s circular cutout both provides views downriver and subtly nods toward the country’s national emblem. The concept is one of three proposals that BI GROUP, the country’s largest developer, is considering for the site.

The Tower of the Sun sits in the heart of the capital city, and will be a mixed-use building composed of residences, offices, a hotel, and commercial spaces. The 75,000-square-meter building will include a pedestrian and cyclist bridge on the lower level. The roof terrace would also be publicly accessible, providing a new viewing platform to take in expansive views of Astana. The structure will take advantage of its strategic location on the river and will use hydroelectric power to create a “near net-zero energy” building.

On the ground level the building connects two important parks over the river Ishim via a publicly accessible pedestrian and bicycle bridge. A two-story high shopping mall is positioned above it. Two monumental triangular shaped lobbies on either side of the circular opening’s base are the main entry points for the luxury residential and multi-functional wings of the tower. On the rooftop a publicly accessible terrace offering views over the capital’s skyline.

“The building shape took its inspiration from the national flag of Kazakhstan—a blue rectangular canvas with a yellow circle in the center,” shared Vladimir Konovalov of Fundamental Architects. “The building is strategically positioned on the view line between the main highway and the palace, so while driving on a highway, we do not block the view of the Presidential Palace. It is still visible through a circular opening in the tower, which represents the sun—an important symbol in Kazakh culture and traditions.”

Now the Tower of the Sun is at the design and permit approval stage and the construction timing is not specified yet.