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The Way One Can Work

The Way One Can Work

Tadao Kamei, President of Nikken Sekkei, told us about the specifics of working at Nikken Sekkei, its policies and traditions.

How difficult is it for young professionals to get a job at Nikken Sekkei?

In Japan, we say “shin sotsu” (literally it means “freshly released”). It refers to University graduates who have no experience and are trying to get a job. For those of them who want to do design, it is very difficult to get hired at Nikken Sekkei since we have very high requirements. But our company has a multidiscipline nature dealing with urban planning, engineering, and many other areas. In some of them we try to ease the terms of employment in order to compete, for example, with developers or construction companies and attract talented young people to our company. 

Are Nikken Sekkei’s employees multidiscipline specialists?

Now there is a demand for increasingly narrow area of expertise, and this trend is easy to trace in all industries. Therefore, in recent years new segments have appeared in our company where highly qualified single-discipline specialists are trained.

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