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Tropical campus for São Paulo

Tropical campus for São Paulo
Brazilian and French firm Triptyque Architecture has proposed a master plan consisting of four mixed-used towers that, upon completion, would facilitate 400 apartments, a hotel, offices, and retail programs.
The plans have been proposed for a large university campus in São Paulo. The firm is working in collaboration with two other French agencies – PCA Architects and Edouard François – to create the series of green-filled tropical towers. Illustrated at a scale model, the development will feature a mixed program of lofts and hotels connected at the 23rd floor of each tower by a gateway with 200 apartments. The design is defined by its non-linearity and ultimately, is inhabited by continuous vegetation extending over 150 meters in height.
Each floor will provide access to the plants, while terraces will support trees and some greenhouses to be used for vegetable growing. The design of the tropical tower is expressive, with the black and horizontal concrete slabs meant to frame the full-height glass and provide transparency and views for the inhabitants. Furthermore, the tower will be installed with movable brise-soleil arranged on the most exposed façade areas; this mobility creates a vibration and purposely interrupts the order of the organic architecture.
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