Main About Tall buildings magazine

About Tall buildings magazine

The magazine includes five basic blocks:

1. International review
2. Design of high-rise buildings (architecture, construction, mechanical systems, electrical and special systems, automation, facades, security)
3. Management (Logistics) in the high-rise buildings construction process. Construction Economics
4. Construction technologies, materials and equipment for high-rise buildings
5. Management of high-rise buildings

Issuing periodicity - every three months. Banding - 148 pages.

Since June 1, 2007 the magazine is published in two languages. The magazine is intended for the heads and top managers of development, investment, construction and real estate companies, architects, planners, students of the architectural and building institutions, as well as government representatives of Russian Federation and Moscow. The magazine consists of five main sections: the eco-urbanism, architecture and design; standards (legislation), construction materials, innovative technologies.

The magazine is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Mass media registration certificate - PI № FS77-25912, issued on October 6, 2006

Circulation - 5000 copies.