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Architecture Goes the Whole Way

Architecture Goes the Whole Way

What features nowadays architecture of highrise buildings? What are the trends of its further development? On these and other questions of Tall Buildings magazine answered Carlos R. Gomez - the architect whose projects are characterized by bold unexpected solutions.

Mr. Gomez, what are the main trends in the development of modern architecture?

In recent years many architectural projects derived from parametric calculation are appearing. The trends are caused by technology, but behind the technology must always have a brain that conceived them. Projects that are based simply on “beautiful Computer Generated Images (CGI)” without a firm foundation behind, they are doomed to failure.

In relation to landscape architecture, to what extent should the concept of the future building be depended on the characteristics of national architecture and location?

Future projects, both architecture and landscaping, should be adapted to local needs and requirements where they are to be built using appropriate materials and construction systems on each location. We cannot continue building in the same way or with the same materials in geographical and climatically opposed locations. The age when the air conditioning and heating could fill gaps in our buildings’ deficiencies is over.

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