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White Horizon Of Tel Aviv

White Horizon Of Tel Aviv

French architect David Tajchman has envisioned a new skyscraper for Tel Aviv, Israel. The conceptual project, named “Gran Mediterraneo” offers a mix of programs including apartments, a hotel, an automated car park, public charging station, farming and public gardens, co-working spaces, spas and more - all “wrapped in mirrored glass” and white concrete.

The proposed tower will integrate a public automated car-park, operates as the first induction charging station for public and shared electric driverless vehicles in the city (future ‘sherut’), and mixes programs of vertical living: residential apartments and hotel, bars and restaurants, farming and public gardens, swimming pools and dead sea spas, co-working spaces for offices and start-ups, educational and events spaces.

Innovative also with its topological geometry giving a spiral effect to the high-rise, the Gran Mediterraneo breaks with the global and usual stacking of horizontal slabs wrapped with mirrored glass, aiming to renew Tel Aviv skyline with a ‘Unesco proclaimed white city’ specific vertical architecture. To be built with white concrete, using the latest construction and digital technologies, the curvy high-rise is filled with the Mediterranean and Dead Sea natures.

David Tajchman Architectures