Main Maintenance Carrier: Breakthrough in Innovations

Carrier: Breakthrough in Innovations

Carrier: Breakthrough in Innovations

The new development of Carrier, which is one of the world leaders in the production of air-conditioning equipment, has a number of undeniable advantages. They include reliability, high performance in terms of energy efficiency, and the opportunity of a flexible approach to design and installation of air-conditioning equipment and cooling systems.

The new Carrier AquaFlowTM VWV system has outdoor units, indoor units (fan coils), air supply units with heat recuperators, an integrated hydro kit, thermostats for fan coils and System Manager central control panel. They use water and glycol-water mixtures as a coolant. The outdoor and indoor units are connected with water pipes, their length and configuration depending on the characteristics of the circulating pump only.

The coolant is only used in the outdoor units, so there is no risk of it leaking into the room. Outdoor units are compact modular chillers and heat pumps, their capacity ranging between 25 and 45 kW. The small pace of cooling capacity combined with the capability to unite up to 8 units makes it possible to select a VWV system that will most closely match the design load. The modular concept has a number of advantages in terms of backing-up and servicing.

The capability of a step-by-step start minimizes the load on the power supply. The blocks can be placed in the open air, as well as inside the building by means of air ducts to remove hot air. This provides the flexibility of design solutions. In this case the units are equipped with a high-pressure fan (optional). The unit construction makes it possible to arrange them “side by side” with a minimum clearance of 0,2 m. Thus, the area that is occupied by the equipment is reduced.

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