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The Tool Depended on the Individual

The Tool Depended on the Individual

What is the subject-matter of the profession of economist in the field of construction? Are there any particularities in BIM implementation in France? These and other issues we explored with President the National Union of Economists in the field of Construction (UNTEC), a leading adviser to the French government on BIM - Pierre Mit.

Dear Mr. Mit, which tasks are performed by engineers-economists in the field of construction?

Economist in construction is a very ancient profession. Its traces can be found in the days of the pyramids, and then it was called a “measurer”. With meantime, the name has changed first for “quantity surveyor”, then “controller”, and later “consultant”. Finally, in 70s a title of “economist in construction” was adopted and UNTEC (the National Union of Economists in construction) was created in 1972. An economical Project operation means to manage works volume (quantitative) and composition (prescriptions) starting with feasibility study of a project and finishing by building’s demolition.

What are concepts of BIM dissemination and implementation all over the world in your opinion? Is France really ahead of the other countries in this field?

BIM is merely a tool to facilitate the solution of tasks, without affecting the project participants’ responsibilities. In different countries organization of operators participating in the building operational lifetime can vary, but the ultimate goal is the same. Introduction of BIM in France is preoccupied by the introduction of “BIM for everybody” regardless of the operations. That is can be the main distinction of France compared with other countries, where the introduction of BIM is split up by sectors.