Main Maintenance Quality of Air Environment

Quality of Air Environment

Quality of Air Environment

Today people spend more time in closed premises: at home, at work, at school, at the university, at transport or even on vacation. In this regard, should not be underestimate the importance of the air quality inside the building.

Previously buildings and facilities were designed with account of the high quality of outdoor air and the significant proportion of natural ventilation. At the moment most skyscrapers have unventilated glass facades, and to achieve a comfortable environment in such buildings they use conditioning and air heating on a large scale; this refers to partial recirculation in order to conserve energy as well. This creates fundamentally new problems that are related to the indoor air quality.

The quality of outdoor air has also significantly changed. The global migration across the planet, its high concentration in the urban area, the increased time spent in crowded places – all these factors worsen the situation with the spread of infectious airborne diseases. Within the last 20-30 years the flu epidemics are no longer a local territorial phenomenon. One should state that the spread of infection causes great economic losses as well.

The peculiar aspect of the essential services of high-rise buildings cause two big issues: the presence of pathogenic germs in the air inside skyscrapers and the chemical air pollution. The objective of air cleansing in a particular building is individual; it is defined by the indices to be achieved as well as the technical and economic capabilities.

The air in its composition is a complex multi-component system in the physical, chemical and biological aspects that are interconnected. The modern methods of air purification and the industrial systems that were created on their basis make it possible for us to solve almost any task. In the wide range of ways of air cleansing UV technologies have a significant part.

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