Main News New images of One Yonge

New images of One Yonge

New images of One Yonge

One Yonge is a mixed-use development of six high rise towers on the junction where the longest street in North America, Yonge Street, meets Lake Ontario. Designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, the cluster of towers will rise above the existing Toronto Star building onsite, elongating it by 10 storeys and recladding the façade in a glittering new sheath.

Residential part is a prominent force in this development with four of the six planned towers comprises housing units, the tallest of which will reach 88 storeys over the Toronto skyline. The remaining towers will be a 40-storey office tower and a 70-storey hotel and branded residence, and retail facilities will be implemented to stitch the cluster together.

In terms of merging the proposed scheme into the existing urban fabric, Hariri Pontarini Architects explains: “With a commitment to a high quality streetscape, a dramatic sculpted canopy will animate the north-west corner of the site…while sidewalks around the development will be widened to accommodate the increased pedestrian traffic. In addition, the buildings will also be surrounded by a courtyard with a woonerf-style access.”

This bolstering of pedestrian traffic is one element of a series of sustainable qualities incorporated into the scheme. The building cluster will be connected to Union Station by a climate- controlled path as well as a future regional bus terminal and existing TTC transit stop to encourage residents to use public transport.

Hariri Pontarini Architects