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Windows of Guangzhou

Windows of Guangzhou

Atkins has unveiled a bold new commercial complex in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, described by the design firm as ‘unusual’. The threevolume development comprises two buildings resembling ‘floating’ windows followed by a third 208m-high tower so that those viewing the series from a distance will read the forms as ‘001’. This figure is said to symbolise Guangzhou as the first Chinese city open for international trading as a port for the ancient Silk Road.

Atkins’ Senior Design Director KY Cheung explains: “Our design provides a dramatic visual impact, ensuring that the breathtaking view of the Zhujiang River is maximised for the occupants and the community behind the project as well. We incorporated green architecture design principles such as solar shading and air flow through the buildings to provide shelter from sun and rain typical in this hot and humid part of southern China.”

The client for this project is China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) with whom Atkins signed a memorandum of understanding for global strategic cooperation in April 2014.

The Window of Guangzhou scheme will create high-end office facilities for the city with far-reaching views. Shu Guang, project director at CCCC, said: “Atkins’ design concept demonstrates the importance of Guangzhou as a gateway to China for the world. The window-shaped buildings promote the city’s image as an important location for China’s import and export business.”