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Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition

Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition

BC Prestige is an urban transformation and mix-used scheme designed by 4M Architecture and rrgA for Signature Holding, and is planned for construction in Arbil, Northern Iraq. The scheme offers 2,500 luxury residences together with commercial, social and recreational areas, and adds a dash of dynamism to its locality through its bold internal and extroversive forms.

BC Prestige aims to become a new cultural hub within the developing town, and to provide a vibrant symbol of the area by using local topography to advantage and integrating with the low-rise structures that surround it in the town centre. The project has been designed to maximize views of the historic Arbil Castle and the greenest area of town, Martyr Sami Abdul-Rahman Park, from the apartments.

Plazas, green areas, terraces and gardens are also central to the design to provide areas for people to relax in a town where green spaces are rare. In comparison to Arbil’s modest residential pattern, BC Prestige clearly challenges ordinary lifestyles and traditional perceptions of architecture by bringing new understanding of modern forms and a response to the historical pattern of the area.

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