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The Heart of Silicon Valley

The Heart of Silicon Valley

International design firm, Steinberg, teamed with Insight Realty Co., has been selected to develop a prime downtown San Jose spot 180 Park Ave., better known as Parkside Hall. The City of San Jose chose the team’s mixed-use tower proposal that combines residential, office, a hotel, and new expansion space for the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Punctuated by landscaped outdoor terrace steps wrapped in an undulating glass skin, the iconic, new 270-foot tower — dubbed Museum Place — would include 60,000 SF of expansion space for the Tech Museum on the ground floor; 210,000 SF of “creative office” on five stories above the Tech space; Twelve stories of condos; Three stories at the top for a boutique hotel, with luxury penthouse residences on the highest floor.

“We’re delighted with the outcome,” says Ernie Yamane, Partner. “As a firm so rooted in San Jose, it will be an honor to weave such a prominent addition into the City’s urban fabric. We will design a project that enhances and energizes San Jose’s downtown, benefiting local businesses and residents, and ensuring San Jose’s dynamic future as the heart of Silicon Valley.”