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The highest in Thailand

The highest in Thailand
Thailand has welcomed an interesting modern addition to their city skyline called the MahaNakhon, or the Pixel Tower. The building celebrated its official opening on August 29 with a spectacular light show in downtown Bangkok.
Ole Scheeren, the German architect who designed the ultra modern-looking tower called it a ‘a vision of a tower that is very much about process, about becoming, about developing,’ in an interview with CNN before the building’s completion. 
‘In some ways when you look at it, it almost seems incomplete or unfinished,’ he said.
The building will have 200 apartment spaces and box-like balconies that will create a distinct jagged look to the shape of the tower. Mr Scheeren said that the Thai client wanted a building that will stand out in his city among all the other unique buildings like the robot and the elephant building.
Probably the way to be different is not try to be special, but to be very simple,’ he added.
Mr Scheeren designed and developed a tower that would open up a visual relationship between the people who will live in it and the bustling city below. However the building’s opening appears to be in breach of Thai labour regulations whereby 39 professional positions are reserved for Thai nationals, including architect and civil engineer, according to the Bangkok Post.
This MahaNakhon tower will add to Bangkok’s weird skyline. The elephant building has a shopping mall, office spaces and apartments, both built by the same Thai architect Sumet Jumsai.
Buro-OS Architect Studio – Büro Ole Scheeren