Main News Sky Gardens and Meandering Waterways for Yongjia

Sky Gardens and Meandering Waterways for Yongjia

Sky Gardens and Meandering Waterways for Yongjia

A competition to design the Yongjia World Trade Centre in the new Chinese city of Wenzhou has been won by international practice UNStudio. The 500,000 sq m complex comprises 5 towers from 287 m to 146 m in height stitched together with a meandering network of open green spaces and waterways.

Situated on the banks of the Oujiang River in the Oubei Sanjiang Area, the Yongjia World Trade Centre is located in a dense economic zone which benefits from a deep water sea port and inland channel leading to the sea, enhancing trade operations.

Of their design inspiration, UNStudio details: “The notion of precious objects on a tray drives the main design concept, where the continuous podium landscape occupies the entire site and serves as a tray-like, green plain for the towers. The harmonious composition of the towers affords a unique image of the development from all different views.”

The development is mixed-use, with office towers to the north of the plot topped with high-end residential apartments, and additional residential units and a hotel to the south. The blend of uses ensures that the entire development stays active throughout the day and night.

The total above ground area adds up to 500,000 sq m, including shopping and commercial areas of 150,000 sq m, office areas of 160,000 sq m, hotel area of 50,000 sq m and a high-rise condominium are of 140,000 sq m.

Public walkways and social spaces play a major role in the design, with the carefully landscaped plot largely accessible to residents and the public. The lower podium benefits from a winding stream where local people can congregate and employees of the commercial portions can enjoy their downtime. Also available to users of the scheme are a number of sky gardens and lounges with far-reaching views across the economic region and nearby waterway.

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