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Californian architects 5+ Design have completed the design for Krystal Laputa, a development of three multimillion dollar luxury high-rise residential towers and a bar, in the lakeside community of Luxelake. The cluster of buildings appears as a floating island, and the three towers, connected by canals and bridges, seem to hover over the lake. A third floor sky park also connects all three towers and soars above the access road, adding a lush green base to the glass, steel and concrete.

The design of the building works in harmony with its lakeside position, offering excellent views of Chengdu city, and encourages interaction between residents and the outdoors. All around the buildings, parks and recreational areas give the residents access to green spaces. Another stunning feature is a tea house on the ground floor of one of the towers cantilevers over the water that flows in at the base, offering stunning views of the expansive lake below.

To further enhance the connection with nature, each unit is surrounded by its own private garden. When residents take the elevator up to their apartment, the doors open up into their own private green space at the entrance. Each of the three buildings has been designed with a distinct silhouette, which adds interest and variety to the skyline.

Undulating shapes play with the look and feel of form and space as balconies, rooms and windows jut outward and retreat inward, creating an abstract geometric façade. A pent house and sky villa at the pinnacle of the buildings offer sweeping views from all angles. All three towers and the bar offer uninterrupted views of the scenic lake surroundings, lush greenery and the skyline of Chengdu city in the distance.

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